TRPGLine V6 is a virtual tabletop platform which supports user to roleplaying or manage the character sheet online. In TRPGLine, it supports several system such as Dungeon & Dragon, Call of Cthulhu and others. This platform also provides user ability to build their character sheet in their custom system, and share their sheet to everywhere.

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Simple and effective interface
TRPGLine supports most of the features available on most platforms today, such as character sheet, maps, BGM, token and dice. It also has faster loading speed and smoother interaction.
Support the image/music url from third party
TRPGline supports the music from Youtube/SoundCloud or even facebook; and the number of uploaded images is unlimited.
More flexable character sheet
TRPGLine supports amount of system like D&D, call of cthulhu and others, include the proper dice roll in the sheet. In addition,TRPGLine allows user to customize the character sheet by their own.
Share character sheet and management
You could share your character sheet you made in TRPGLine to other places like discord or facebook.